What episode does Luffy use Gear 5? When will One Piece anime feature Luffy using his Gear 5?

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Gear 5 for Luffy is approaching in the One Piece anime, and today we will talk about how much longer we have to wait to see this new animated transformation, in other words, in what episode we can expect to witness it.

Currently, the Wano arc is the longest arc in the history of One Piece, but it has already concluded in the manga. Those who have been following the series through the pages of Shueisha know that the anime is approaching the climactic battle between Luffy and Kaido, where Gear 5 will be revealed for the first time in the anime.

In fact, Gear 5 has already made a sort of appearance in the anime, as it was animated for the movie One Piece Film: Red, where it had a brief cameo. However, focusing on the weekly anime episodes, which currently stands at 1069 episodes, we can estimate how much longer we have to wait for Gear 5 by analyzing the number of chapters adapted per episode.

So, how much longer until Luffy uses Gear 5 in the anime episode of One Piece?

At this moment, the anime One Piece is on episode 1069, and each episode is adapting nearly 1 whole chapter of the manga. Gear 5 appears at the end of chapter 1043. Currently, there is only 1 chapter left until Gear 5 appears in the anime.

On average, the anime is adapting almost 1 chapter per episode, especially since it’s focused on the fights in Wano. With this information, we can estimate with great precision how many episodes are left until Gear 5 appears in the anime.

If there is only 1 chapter left until Luffy’s Gear 5 is animated in One Piece, and each episode is adapting almost 1 chapter, then it means there is 1 episode left until Gear 5 appears in the anime. Therefore, Gear 5 will appear at the end of episode 1070, in approximately 2 weeks (14 days).

The remaining episodes until Gear 5:

  • July 23 – Unfortunately, there will be a delay on this date.
  • July 30 – Episode 1070 (Adapting chapter 1043, Gear 5 only appears in the final moments)
  • August 6 – Episode 1071 (Adapting chapter 1044, Joyboy returns, Gear 5 finally appears, and Kaido starts getting beaten relentlessly)
  • August 13 – Episode 1072 (Adapting chapter 1045).

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