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Where did the creator of Naruto go wrong in writing his female characters?

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It is no doubt no secret that women always take a back seat in shonen series, largely because the writers are men who want to build a story that focuses on a male audience. This approach can be a little problematic at times, with the world of Naruto being an example of this, where Masashi Kishimoto failed to write female characters.

Kishimoto himself has talked about him not being able to write female characters in a deeper way, but that doesn’t seem enough to justify the mistreatment some women in the series have suffered in terms of development. Check below with us where the Naruto creator went wrong with his characters.

Unlimited screen time

Naruto has a very large cast of characters, which means it can be quite difficult to pay attention to everyone, and here’s one aspect where women are at a disadvantage. Naruto focused most of its time on male characters, while even main female characters had minimal screen time.

Take Kurenai for example, who’s top rating in genjutsu and was noticed by the legendary Itachi Uchiha, but she was totally overshadowed by other jonin. Tenten is another example of a minor character with almost none of the time of the members of the Kojnoha 11. Tsunade, who was the fifth Hokage and a Sannin also had little time, even after Jiraiya’s death.

Important motivations

In Naruto, the male characters are known for being deep, with important goals and motivations from the very first chapters. However, it is difficult to recall a female character who has been constructed in the same way. They are not deep and often their personalities revolve around infatuation with men.

Sakura is certainly the most notable example of this, as she did everything to attract Sasuke’s attention, even if it meant for her to become a criminal with him. Similarly, Ino is a character who wanted to impress Sasuke. Even Tsunade is placed in this grade, as she is motivated to become Hokage to fulfill the wish of Dan, her late boyfriend.

Often, women who had no stories of their own served only as a plaything for the male character. Konan, for example, was sidelined to support Yahiko, while Temari served to aid Gaara’s growth and Rin served as the plot device that led to Tobi’s birth. Even Hinata, who seemed like a well-written character initially with her whole backstory involving the Hyuga clan, but slowly the whole narrative was pushed to Neji and the whole clan branch issue.

These are just a few problems in Masashi Kishimoto’s female characters.

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