One Piece: Trafalgar Law has one of the best character development

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Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is a shonen series known for its fantastic world-building, which includes well-written characters with unique motivations. Over more than two decades, hundreds of characters have been introduced, but few compare to Trafalgar Law when it comes to character development.

In One Piece, Law was a victim of the World Government, which molded him to be a corrupted person who wanted to destroy everything in his path. Law lived in Flevance, a place known for white lead, which commanded a high price on the market. His parents were doctors and he had a sister in poor health. Overall, Law was happy, until one day a tragedy changed his life forever.

One day, the city of Law was hit by the World Government, which massacred the whole country because everyone was poisoned by white lead. Because the value was high, the government hid that it had side effects, which resulted in everyone being infected. The disease was deadly and highly contagious, so the government decided to eliminate the entire country of Law.

Law was the only survivor of the tragedy, becoming cold-hearted despite being only 10 years old. He lost his city, his parents and his purpose in life. In addition, Law had been infected and was going to die in three years. Knowing this, he decides that he will wreak as much havoc as possible on the world to affect the World Government as a form of revenge.

Law meets Corazon

In Law’s worst phase, he met Corazon, with whom he did not get along at first. With Corazon’s help, however, Law set out on a journey in search of a cure for his illness. The two managed to get along well throughout their journey, with Law accepting Corazon’s goodwill in helping him.

Even knowing that Corazon was a Marine, Law didn’t reject him, and the two would soon become best friends, in a father and son relationship. Eventually, Corazon manages to get his hands on Op Op no Mi, an Akuma no Mi that healed Law. He realizes that not everyone was bad and tries to lead a life without being consumed by hatred, thanks to Corazon.

Law is undoubtedly one of the most well-written characters in One Piece. At first, he wanted to destroy everything, but he went on to live and change alongside Corazon, who was unfortunately killed. Even though Law was totally desperate at first, he still reached out for help, which shows that deep down he was still a child who wanted a better life. In addition, Law is balanced in terms of kindness and compassion, which makes him a relatable character. So Trafalgar Law is an amazing character development.

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