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One Piece: Know the weaknesses of every Devil Fruit

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In One Piece, Akuma no Mi users are people who gain incredible powers, and can rank among the strongest of pirates or marines, but they also have their weaknesses. Surprisingly, some of these weaknesses are even simple, and today we are going to talk about them.

Sea water

All those who eat a devil fruit lose the ability to swim as a result. They are rejected by the sea for some reason that the series never delved into. Moreover, by falling into the water, they totally lost their movements and powers.

However, when we talk about the effects, it all depends on how much that person stays at sea. This weakness is undoubtedly fatal for the pirates, as the world of One Piece is almost entirely made up of water and is their home.

Ocean Rock

Another notable weakness of any Akuma no Mi user is the ocean stone. It is like a small ocean in a stone, so when it comes into contact with an Akuma no Mi user, the effects are the same.

The sea bream therefore nullifies the powers of devil fruit users, and is the perfect weapon to fight against them. Smoker makes the most notable use of sea stones, as evidenced by his battles with the Straw Hats. In addition, these stones were useful for capturing characters like Crocodile and even Doflamingo.


Haki is a skill that was explained after the time jump, though it has been revealed since the early chapters, and is perhaps the most effective way to deal with the devil fruits. There are three forms of Haki, and Weapon Haki in particular is the one that fights Akuma no Mi. Logia users cannot be attacked by normal blows, as their bodies are formed by smoke, fire or water, but with Haki, the attack is coated and targets can be hit.

So there you have it, the three weaknesses of the Akuma no Mi in One Piece, which can be worrying unless the user tries to overcome them, and there is one way to do that: by upgrading their Haki.

It was revealed that a powerful Haki can nullify Akuma no Mi effects, and an equally powerful Observation Haki can predict and evade weapon attacks, which also renders the ocean stones useless. The only weakness you can’t get around is the ocean, at least if you’re a fish-man, because it’s still possible to survive under the ocean even if you’re an Akuma no Mi user, but you still lose your abilities and movements.

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