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Naruto: These are the strongest shinobi of each Ninja War

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In the history of Naruto, many nations have entered into conflicts for power, survival and territories. All this resulted in the four Great Ninja Wars. Many strong ninjas fought in these wars and some even became legends. However, in every Ninja War, there was one shinobi who was the strongest of them all.

First Great Ninja War: Hashirama Senju

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Before the creation of villages and nations, wars were fought by various clans, until Hashirama and Madara created a peace agreement. However, this peace was temporary, and war continued between the Five Great Nations. All the first generations of Kages entered the war, but none of them was as strong as Hashirama, the First Hokage and the one who received the title of “God of the Shinobis”.

Hashirama wanted to avoid wars, but he couldn’t convince the other nations, so he had to fight to defend his village. Thanks to his unique Wood Style ability, no one was a match for Hashirama’s strength. He died at some point in the war, but the series never explained how Hashirama’s death happened exactly.

Second Great Ninja War: Hiruzen Sarutobi

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After Tobirama died, the title of Hokage was passed to Hiruzen. Among all the Hokages, he was the one who remained in the leadership post for the longest time in history. He fought in several battles during the Second and Third Ninja War. Like Hashirama, Hiruzen was given the title “God of the Shinobis”.

He was also known as “Professor” due to his vast knowledge of ninjutsu. Hiruzen was known as a legend for being one of the very few people who learned to master the five styles of nature. Although he survived in three wars, Hiruzen died during Orochimaru’s attack.

Third Great Ninja War: Minato Namikaze

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The third war took place 10 years before the start of Naruto and was Minato’s great rise in shinobi history. Minato gained great fame in that war after defeating 1,000 Stone Village shinobis single-handedly. His war merits granted him the rank of Fourth Hokage.

As the fame of his speed spread around the world, Minato also earned the nickname “Yellow Lightning”. While he was alive, no one was able to come close to his speed. Minato was also the original creator of the Rasengan before the technique was passed on by Jiraiya and Naruto.

Fourth Great Ninja War: Naruto Uzumaki

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The fourth war was Naruto’s final battle, in which the Five Great Nations united to take on Obito and Madara. In the meantime, Naruto was training to master Kurama’s chakra, but he entered the battlefield when he learned of the situation.

His power grew steadily during the war until he gained the chakra of the Nine Tailed Beasts. In addition, he also received the Six Paths Sage Mode from Hagoromo. Naruto became so strong at the end of the war that he was able to fight Kaguya Otsutsuki and still became famous as a great hero.

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