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Hunter x Hunter has the most disappointing villain death

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Hunter x Hunter is one of the most iconic anime and manga series of all time, with chilling action sequences and in-depth characters with compelling stories. However, sadly, one of the series’ worst flaws lies in the death of its most impressive villain, Meruem.

Meruem’s short life

Often, an antagonist stands in the way of the protagonist, as most of the time they are built to be opposites. There is certainly nothing better than a well-written protagonist in the path of a well-written antagonist.

Meruem is a well-written villain with reasons to fight the protagonist. He is introduced as a newborn, but his character development and villain approach is compelling, with Meruem taking the throne as king, with a huge amount of power and intellect. At first, Meruem has no regard for human life, but that changes when he meets a blind girl. Called Komugi, she is a master of a board game known as Gungi, and the only person in the world who can defeat Meruem. Slowly, Meruem came to realize the value of weaker humans and came to respect the fact that people can be better than him.

Meruem’s death, and why it was disappointing

All was well for Meruem while he was king, but everything begins to change when Netero, the present of the Hunter’s Guild, enters the scene. He challenges Meruem to a fight to the death, who accepts. At this point, Meruem is the strongest antagonist in history, while Netero is the most powerful hunter in the world.

During the fight, Netero unleashed his strongest technique, but it did no good against Meruem. In fact, Meruem was able to tear off Netero’s leg. As a last resort, Netero stabbed his own heart, which triggered a bomb that created a puff of smoke seen for miles. The explosion killed Meruem, but his assistants managed to revive him. However, the bomb had poison that spread and would kill him anyway. Meruem’s death by poison is an anticlimactic end to one of Hunter x Hunter’s most interesting and powerful characters.

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Hunter x Hunter is described as a world where there are monsters and scary creatures, while there are also vile and unexplored lands with mysterious treasures. The titular character, Gon, decides to become a hunter and risk his life on this difficult path.

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