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Dragon Ball: The Dragon Spheres have a secret ability

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Within the complex world of Dragon Ball created by Akira Toriyama, the Dragon Spheres are initially presented as magical objects that can grant wishes, and fans have believed this for years, but it turns out that they possess a hidden power that few may have realized.

This revelation happened in chapter 61 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, which has currently been illustrated by Toyotaro, and it was there that the manga artist illustrated a new power for the spheres. All seemed lost, until such an ability was revealed, and it is about it that we will talk below.

Dragon Spheres have a secret ability

In this chapter of the manga, when the villain Moro decides to attack Earth, he manages to defeat the heroes and put everyone in a tight spot. This leads Vegeta to learn a new technique that was called Spirit Fission, which works perfectly against Moro’s magic abilities.

By learning about this ability, Vegeta is able to return the Namekuseijins’ life force, which had been stolen by Moro. However, this apparently shouldn’t be possible, since Moro had taken the energy of those people months ago, meaning that their bodies should be rotten at that point. It is then revealed about this ability of the Dragon Spheres, a new power that protects all people in some way, preventing them and the planet from deteriorating.

In this way, therefore, the Dragon Spheres are placed as protectors of their planet, and this power actually makes a lot of sense, after all, if the planet and its life forms die, so do the mystical orbs. This means that Dragon Spheres have an ability that goes beyond granting wishes, although this does not confirm whether they are in any way sentient things or something that works as a byproduct of their magic.

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Dragon Ball Super is currently entering a new arc in its manga after a short hiatus following the conclusion of the events that revolved around Granola the survivor. At the moment, Goku and Vegeta are training to once again defeat Freeza. Meanwhile, Gohan and Piccolo are stronger than they’ve ever been on Earth, while Goten and Trunks finally look like teenagers and are getting the screen time they deserve.

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