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7 problems in Naruto’s plot that fans didn’t realize

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Naruto has been around for over 20 years, so it may come as no surprise that the series has missed a mistake here or there. There are so many characters and stories in a complex plot that Masashi Kishimoto actually left some loose ends that caused problems in the plot. The good news is that most fans didn’t even notice these mistakes. Today, we’re going to list 7 problems in Naruto’s plot that fans didn’t realize.

7 – The existence of the Black Zetsu

At the end of Naruto Shippuden, the Black Zetsu explained that he was just a form of manifestation of Kaguya Otsutsuki, whose true purpose was to bring her back, but the mere fact that he existed was pointless.

As revealed in the series’ sequel, Kaguya was sent to Earth as a sacrifice to a Ten-tail, but she could be reincarnated with Karma. That is, if she had simply put Karma on someone, Kaguya would have been able to come back easily.

6 – Rin didn’t really need to sacrifice herself

Rin is arguably one of the most important characters in the Naruto cast, as she was crucial to Tobi’s birth, which sets all of Madara’s major plans in motion. And all this was possible because she sacrificed herself by jumping on Kakashi’s Chidori.

Rin sacrificed herself because she was afraid of arriving in Konoha and the Three-tailed Beast coming out and destroying the village. But this would be easily avoided if this information was only sent to the village. That way, they would only have to “defuse the bomb”.

5 – Orochimaru could take his arms back

Orochimaru had his arms sealed by the Dead Demon seal, the strongest sealing jutsu of the Uzumaki clan, so the Sannin was nerfed along Naruto.

The problem here is that in WW4, Orochimaru uses the mask to get his arms back, and he knew the whole time where it was, but had never used it before to get his arms back.

4 – Suigetsu alive

Suigetsu became friends with Sasuke during the events of Naruto Shippuden and helped him in the fight against Killer Bee, where he should have died.

When Suigetsu tries to protect his team from a point-blank attack, he receives the entire blast, something capable of destroying an entire landscape, but he was only knocked unconscious.

3 – The survivors of the Uzumaki did not go to Konoha

According to Naruto’s history, the Uzumaki clan was very close to the Senju clan of Konoha, but the series forgot to explain why the Senju never helped the Uzumaki or why the survivors did not take shelter in Konoha.

The few who survived the massacre scattered around the world, which didn’t make much sense since the clan had a very good relationship with Konoha and everyone was supposed to move there. That would have prevented Nagato from becoming Pain, for example.

2 – Obito stopped using Kamui

When Obito Uchiha becomes the Ten-tailed Jinchuuriki, he stops using Kamui, an ability that was often used to send body parts to another dimension, which essentially makes him intangible.

In this form, Obito faces several Hokages, Naruto and Sasuke, but he never uses Kamui again. With this, he would have easily subdued all his opponents, but for some reason he does not use it.

1 – Madara never realizes that his plan is flawed from the beginning

Madara Uchiha is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most intelligent characters in the entire Naruto cast, with over 100 years of experience, but at no point does he question the moon eye plan. Madara was totally blind to creating a world where children wouldn’t have to go to war and didn’t realize that his plan was flawed and that he was actually fooled from the beginning.

He managed to do everything to realize the moon eye plan, like becoming Jinchuuriki, casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi in the process, consequently putting the whole world in a genjutsu where everyone would be happy. However, in reality they would all have their chakra sucked out and die after a while. Madara was very clever and was always calculating many steps ahead of his opponents. He also had the most powerful eyes, but he never realized that he was fooled by some scribbles on a stone, which is very sad.

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