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7 Naruto jutsu that would be very useful in real life

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In the world of Naruto, techniques are called jutsu, which can be primarily defensive or offensive, but many of them skills would be useful in real life. Most of the techniques were created to be used in combat, but many people would benefit if they were used in everyday life to make life easier. With that in mind, we’ve separated 7 Naruto jutsus that would be useful in our world.

Creation renaissance could revolutionize the medical system

Many jutsu were created for the sole purpose of taking lives. The ninja world is constantly at war over techniques like this. That’s why the medical system is crucial in Naruto and has techniques that can heal people on a cellular level.

The Creation Rebirth technique, for example, can heal any serious injury until the body improves quickly. In the real world, this would certainly have a huge impact on every industry and save many lives.

Mental transfer for questioning

This is the special ability of Ino’s clan, Yamanaka, and allows the user to take over the mind of another person to control them. In addition, this technique also allows the user to do a mind reading of their target.

Imagine this being used by detectives to solve criminal cases more quickly and easily, without the need for interrogations. Without a doubt, mental transfer would be one of the best techniques in the real world.

The Byakugan allows you to see through almost anything

The Byakugan is an eye power in Naruto with many uses. One of their most remarkable powers is to see through things. It’s easy to see this being used in the real world, to find victims of disasters, for example. Also, the Byakugan would be useful for the police to look after security and search for criminals.

Dust release would dispose of any waste

It is no news that waste is a big problem worldwide and has been polluting the world more and more over the years. With the release of dust, however, all waste could be destroyed at the atomic level and erased from existence. However, this would certainly be extremely dangerous, as in the wrong hands people could disappear in the blink of an eye.

Possession of the shadows would capture anyone

This jutsu is the supreme technique of the Nara clan in Naruto. It allows the user to manipulate his shadow to touch his target and thus capture him, preventing his movements. The user can also force the target to move as he wishes.

This technique would also be useful for real-life police officers, especially to catch dangerous individuals without bloodshed, which could also save many people.

Shadow clone could do risky work

The shadow clone is one of the most popular techniques used by Naruto in the series. It basically creates “doubloons” that can be disposable. In real life, there are many dangerous jobs to be done manually, such as cleaning the inside of machines, minefields, disposing of nuclear waste.

Clones, therefore, could be used to perform many tasks that are difficult for humans, and if everything goes wrong, the clone just disperses without causing any problem for the user of the jutsu.

The wooden jutsu

Finally, a technique that would also be useful in the real world is wood release, a rare jutsu in Naruto used by Hashirama Senju. It can create large houses quickly with genuine wood, which could reduce the extraction of timber from the world’s forests.

As a result, this would have a positive impact on the environment. In addition, this jutsu could be used to create furniture, reforest environments and much more.

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